Quick Web Staffing Help

The Objective of this Web Site

    To provide a tool for both the HR or Staffing Department and for the employee or contractor to have quick access to event schedules. Offering the staff person the ability to view and accept schedule changes quickly and easily as well as providing a tool for the Staffing Department to make sure the events are better staffed and executed.

Your Login Requirements

    You must first be provided access to the website by the Human Resources or the Staffing Department. You must have a valid email address, a password and a secret code just in case you forgot your previous password.

    1. Enter your complete email address.
    2. Enter your password.
    3. Click the Staff Logon Link to gain access to the site.
    4. If you forgot your password, click the Retrieve Logon link, enter your email and your secret code. Your password will be emailed to you. It will be the same password you previously had, it's not regenerated each time.

Looking at the Calendar Page

    The calendar will show you both what you are already scheduled on and what skills are needed that match your current skill set. From this point you also have the ability to Edit your profile, View / Print your Schedule and/or Payroll reports as well as logout.

    1. By default the calendar is going to be positioned on the current month. To move from month-to-month click the month in the top corners of the calendar.
    2. The calendar squares can display the following:
      • Not Scheduled = there are no events scheduled for you.
      • Event Assignments = what are you currently scheduled to work.
      • Available = you may mark yourself as available to work that day.
      • Pending = you are unsure at the moment if you are able to work however you want the HR department to know that you might be available.
      • Not Available = you mark yourself as Not Availabe for whatever reason you cannot accept that shift.
      • No Events - this means that there are no events available for your skill types.
      • Call Office - please contact the HR or staffing department, there has been some type of change that requires you to contact the office.

What can you do on the Calendar Page?

    1. Mark yourself as available to work on X date.
    2. Change your selection from Not Available to Available thus letting the HR department know that you are now able to work.
      • Please note you cannot change your previous selection from Available to Not Available. You will need to contact the HR or staffing department directly for this type of change.
    3. Selecting Pending you may mark yourself Available or Not Available at a later date.
    4. By clicking on the Event Assignment you may see specifics about the shift you have been requested to work.

The Event Assignment Link

  1. When you click on the Event Assignment link you will see a snapshot of the event at the bottom of the calendar.
    • The snapshot includes such details as your shift Start and End Times, the Address to the Event site, your assigned Skill Type including your required Dress Code as well as Directions to the Event.
    • You will receive corespondance via email about an a specific event.
  2. Click the Update button to post your selection to the HR department. Remember, you cannot change it; you must call the Staffing department if you need to cancel.
  3. The Start and End Times reflect the updated times. Any time changes will be logged in the Prev Start and Prev End times.
  4. If there is a date change you will NOT see anything in the grid below the calendar, you must call the office for assistance.

Why is the Calendar Square Pink?

  1. If there are changes to your scheduled Start or End Times, Location, Dress Code, etc., the square will be light pink.
  2. You should check your calendar the day before to make sure there are no schedule changes.

Why is the Calendar Square Red?

    1. The Event Date has Changed or the Event has been Cancelled.
    2. You should check your calendar the day before to make sure there are no schedule changes.

The Direction Page

    1. You will be able to print this page however the directions are likely going to be from the office not from exactly where you will be leaving from.
    2. If you are able to Car Pool, please cilck the checkbox so the HR department will know that information ahead of time to save energy and cost for everyone.

The Profile Link

  1. Depending on the settings desired by the company, you will be able to either preview and/or update your profile.
  2. You will be able to send updated resume information if you have learned a new trait or skill.
  3. You will not be able to change Skill Types.

View / Print Schedule by Week

    1. Depending on the settings desired by the company, you will be able to print your current schedule as well as your past pay reports.
    2. Click the Next | Previous links to move forward or backwards week-by-week.
    3. Again, depending on the configuration setup by the company, you might be able to update your event invoice hours if you are a sub-contractor.

Logging Out

    1. Simply click the Logout link to close the web page and exit.
    2. Or, you may click to close box in the top right corner of the browser.

Are you having a Problem?

  1. If you are having problems with the website it is important that we know about them to improve the process. Please contact the HR or Staffing Department directly.
  2. Our testing has been completed with Internet Explorer 6.0. If you need to download an updated IE Version please visit Microsoft directly at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie6/downloads/default.mspx. We have NOT tested with IE7.
  3. You may also email us at Synergy International directly.

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